Following an extensive 19 year career with the Australian Federal Police Commander Sirec was appointed to her current position of Commander ACCCE, CPO & HT in November 2020.

Since joining the AFP, Hilda has had significant exposure to a range of portfolios both nationally and on an international scale across various victim based crimes.

Commander Sirec has held various positions within the AFP including Senior Police Liaison Officer in Islamabad, Coordinator of Joint Counter Terrorism teams, and was part of the initial team deployed to the Ukraine in response to the MH-17 Malaysian flight crash.

In recognition of her distinguished policing service, Hilda has received the Humanitarian Overseas Service medal, the European Union Mission medal and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) medal. In 2019, Hilda was also awarded the Australian Police Medal.

Commander Sirec has also completed Bachelor of Science degree and a Graduate Certificate in Applied Management.